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July 5, 2023 • General

Sa•vór: Serving the Best Seafood in Amarillo

For anyone seeking the freshest seafood Amarillo has to offer, there’s no place quite like Sa•vór Tapas Bar. This restaurant embodies the pinnacle of fine dining restaurants in Amarillo, offering a mesmerizing mix of world-class cuisine, superb service, and a stunning ambience. Sa•vór’s menu is loaded with an assortment of both traditional and modern tapas that ensures a delightful feast for every foodie.

Sa•vór and its sister restaurant, The Drunken Oyster, are the shining gems in the Amarillo Texas restaurant scene. Both are owned by acclaimed restaurateur Rory Schepisi, whose visionary leadership and commitment to quality have made her establishments the new Amarillo restaurants everyone’s raving about and two of the best seafood restaurants in Amarillo.

Landlocked though we are in Amarillo, Sa•vór finds no excuse in sourcing the freshest and best seafood available. We’ve established contracts with the finest seafood purveyors to have fresh fish, oysters, and shellfish delivered weekly to Amarillo. But, don’t take our word for it, let our Google reviews speak for us!

You’ll find that Sa•vór isn’t just any restaurant; it’s a seafood lover’s paradise tucked away in Amarillo. Bringing the ocean’s bounty to the Texas plains, the seafood dishes offered here are nothing short of extraordinary. For lunch, the Fritto Misto is a delightful platter of fried shrimp and scallops, and the Mejillones, featuring Prince Edward Island mussels, housemaid chorizo, San Marzano tomatoes, and white wine brodo, is a tour de force of oceanic flavors. 

The dinner menu elevates the seafood experience even more with the Snapper Ceviche and Salmon Poke, delicate cold tapas that showcase the freshness of the ingredients. The entrées take it a step further with the Seared Snapper Fillet and various Paella dishes, which make ample use of shrimp, mussels, and scallops. TOP TIP: Check out the Paella Mariscos, which is nothing short of a seafood lover’s dream. Whether you’re craving something fried, braised, or seared to perfection, Sa•vór’s seafood menu will satisfy the most discerning palates.

It’s true, we’re not near an ocean; but that hasn’t dampened our commitment to serving up some of the best seafood Amarillo has to offer. We’ve found a way around the logistical challenges of seafood distribution in the landlocked regions of the United States. Sa•vór contracts directly with companies that fish off either coast, ensuring we serve seafood that’s only a day or two out of the water. 

This extraordinary effort means we make daily airport pickups to receive our seafood shipments. It’s not uncommon for our fishmongers to send 3 AM messages, alerting us to what our boats are hauling in, so we can decide what goes on our menu for that evening’s seafood specials.

We’re passionate about serving only the best, which is why we’ve opted to butcher our fish in-house. This practice allows us to verify the fish species, ensuring our patrons get exactly what they order, and tailor the portions to suit our dishes perfectly. This attention to detail is just one of the many ways Sa•vór earns its place among the best restaurants in Amarillo.

As one of the only restaurants in Amarillo making daily airport pickups, Sa•vór brings seafood from the West Coast, the East Coast, South of Florida, North of Maine, Alaska, and even as far as New Zealand to your table. You won’t find fresher seafood in any Amarillo steakhouse or among fast food Amarillo options.

Sa•vór extends the sublime seafood experience with a one-of-kind brunch Amarillo loves! Amarillo brunch doesn’t get better than this: every Saturday and Sunday, we dish out live music, cold bubbly and hot benedicts, creating a vibe that makes Sa•vór a top pick among great restaurants and Amarillo live music venues.

Not a seafood fan? That’s not a problem at Sa•vór. Our steaks and burgers are just as much a draw, so much so that our burgers compete for the title of best burgers in Amarillo, TX. But the buck doesn’t stop there. If you are on the hunt for a serious burger in Amarillo, you need to try a specialty Sa•vór Burger with house bacon, gruyere, and caramelized onions, or if you fancy steak, the dinner menu features a delectable steakhouse experience with prime cuts like the Filet Mignon or Prime Ribeye that easily go toe-to-toe with the best of any Amarillo steak house.

Sa•vór doubles up as one of the best bars in Amarillo, adding to Amarillo’s nightlife with a hip vibe. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Sa•vór harmoniously combines authentic Spanish cuisine with the exciting pulse of live music Amarillo has grown to love. Sa•vór is enhancing the dining experience with toe-tapping tunes while you indulge in their savory dishes. The late-night happy hour, from 10 PM to Midnight every Thursday through Saturday, makes us a prime contender in the Amarillo food scene and a favorite among places to eat in Amarillo TX.

Sa•vór, with its splendid seafood selection, positions itself as a forerunner in Amarillo’s food scene. Whether it’s about a steakhouse in Amarillo or Amarillo Texas restaurants in general, the conversation starts and ends with Sa•vór. We welcome you to try our extraordinary menu, live music, and incredible atmosphere. After all, if you’re searching for the best seafood in Amarillo, look no further – Sa•vór awaits! Call today for your reservation!

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